Armageddon (stylized as ARMAGEDDON) is a first-person shooter and racing game developed and published by Niskey Gaming Studios.

The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world similar to that of other popular video games such as Fallout, RAGE, Gears of War, and Borderlands. In an interview with Comico, Niskey revealed that the game is set in the near future following the impact of failed science experiments that let free machines and mutant demons.


ARMAGEDDON features alot of role-playing game elements — developing your character plays a huge role in the game. Players will switch through a variety of weapons and will be able to switch through different ammo types. At one section, you are allowed to choose armor color. There are also side missions.


A screenshot from the alpha versions of "Skylight Legends."

Niskey stated that at the game's core is a first-person shooter with small vehicle aspects. He also said that the game's vehicle mechanics we're ok, but "pretty good considering this is the first time we've even tried to do vehicles."

ARMAGEDDON will have 40 main missions in the direct story line and 10-20 in side missions. It has been suggested to have a coop multiplayer mode that will be released as a DLC later; one that would not be online coop, but would be similar to console games' split screen style of cooperative gameplay. If this is the case, it would be named "Skylight Legends" and would be a series of two-player co-op missions based on stories that the players hear about as they play the single-player campaign.


The game is set in a post-apocalyptic version of a wasteland created by failed science experiments. In ARMAGEDDON's story, creatures and machines begin to take over Earth in Febuary 2030, and the few human survivors are forced to begin a new civilization.

The world is populated by human survivors of the impact, who have come together to form settlements around oases and other practical or habitable areas. These homes are defended by the inhabitants against bandits and mutants, which are divided into various gangs and organizations of their own. Bandits and mutants serve as the player's main enemies for much of the game, with later addition of more organized and dangerous forces.

The protagonist emerges into this setting after being preserved inside an underground cryogenic pod. The cyro-chambers are the direct result of the "2030" project, a massive international undertaking in which hundreds of chambers were sealed under the surface of the Earth with three people inside each. Each passenger possessed a special ability or trait that, combined with those of the other members, would help them rebuild society. The project, however, was far less successful than hoped. The protagonist's chamber in particular is in bad shape at the start of the game, so the protagonist wakes up alone and uninformed. With no information on his location or objectives, he is forced to head for the surface to find allies.

Mac and iOS portsEdit

ARMAGEDDON will have a Mac port, and might have an iOS port sometime in the future.

System RequirementsEdit

PC: Win XP, Vista, Win 7

Hard Disk Space: 500 MB

Mac: Any version

Hard Disk Space: 500 MB